A space for all coffee lovers.

The counter has always been a place where I’ve come to meet people. Oftentimes, it was handing off cups of coffee to my shop regulars or linking up with coworkers after their shift. It’s where I’ve made meals with my friends and roommates. Sometimes, you could even find me hiding out there at parties when I didn’t know a lot of people. The counter has always had such a draw to me, and I’m glad!

Having worked as a barista for over a decade, I can say with total confidence that all kinds of people both drink and make coffee. Your heroes, your crushes, your co-workers, your enemies, your family. They are all involved in some way, shape, and form. And this is where we all share our stories.

The Counter is that space at Trade. A blog devoted to the drink itself, the people who make it, and everyone who enjoys it, it’s a place to discuss all things coffee.

This is where we’ll go deep with our roasters to find out how they make your favorite morning roast. We’ll meet people whose love of coffee propels them through their own unique projects and touches the lives of others.

It’s also where we’ll bring you past the velvet rope to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into ensuring perfect coffee matches. You’ll meet the Quality Control Team (that’s QC Team, for short) and get a first look at each week’s newest coffees.

I’m lucky enough to travel the world in search of the stories behind the brews, and I’ll bring every story back to The Counter — from city guides to the latest news, and dialogues with friends new and old.

I’m personally excited to invite you to The Counter, pull up a seat and let’s start the conversation!

— Erika Vonie, Director of Coffee

Posted by:Erika Vonie