It has never been easier to make delicious homemade cold brew than with our eco-friendly Trade Cold Brew Bags ($7.50). Pared-down to a commercially compostable corn-based fiber bag and the container of your choice (a mason jar works great!), this brew method makes up to five batches per 12 oz bag of coffee.

Get matched to your new favorite coffee!

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Fill Bag to Top

    Add about 3 oz of ground coffee and pull drawstring tightly.

  2. Place in Container

    Fill with 24 oz of room temperature or cold filtered water.

  3. Cover and Let Sit

    Leave at room temperature out of direct sunlight for 12 to 18 hours.

  4. Drink to Taste

    Remove bag and pour concentrate over ice, water, or milk to dilute. Enjoy!

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