A sweet start to the weekend.

Take a spin on the Ferris wheel with The Tickler, a passion fruit cotton candy-spiked mocktail. Erika Vonie‘s winning submission for the New York Coffee Masters 2017 will bring you right back to your youth. Note to anyone without the requisite cotton candy machine — you can purchase it here (or your local county fair).



  1. Prep your Chemex by wetting the filter and pouring out the water

  2. Add  175 g of ice to your Chemex

  3. Put the paper filter back on your Chemex and add ground coffee

  4. Pour 140 g of hot water in elliptical motion over your coffee

    Let the water drain down completely

  5. Pour the remaining 140 g of hot water over the coffee bed

    Let the water drain down completely

  6. Stir coffee with ice to melt down completely

  7. Prepare cotton candy

    Fill a sheet pan with white sugar
    Pour juice over the sugar and stir with a wooden spoon to incorporate — sugar should be saturated, but not pooling on the sides of the pan
    Cover and leave to dry overnight
    Once dry, crumble for ease of use in your cotton candy machine

  8. Add cotton candy to glass (we used a coupe glass for flair)

  9. Pour your flash-chilled coffee over the cotton candy to melt into the drink for a sweet surprise

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