The coffee community cares a lot about sustainability, and so does Trade. Coffee needs a healthy earth to flourish, while its creation and transportation take a heavy toll on the environment in return. It’s our shared responsibility to help replenish the earth. 

Our roaster partners set the standard when it comes to ethical sourcing and sustainability, and they’ve inspired us to raise the bar and do our part too. We’re excited to announce that beginning in 2020, we will ship most coffee orders in 100% compostable bags. Going forward, every order we send to you will add up to make a big difference. 

Moving Towards Zero Waste

Trade is taking a big first step toward zero waste by switching from cartons to compostable bags. Our aim is to empower our community to compost their packaging. To make it even easier, we took the extra step of making our bags backyard compostable, meaning they can be composted naturally and conveniently at home without having to deposit it at a commercial facility (though you can do that too if you prefer). Together, we can help reduce the end of life cycle impact of our packaging.

Designed with Intention 

To get here, we designed and tested many different packaging options. Our objective was to meet the highest sustainability standards while also protecting your coffee during shipping.

The compostable and plant-based material that we landed on had one small wrinkle — it’s so delicate that it could arrive with folds and creases. We thought that was a small price to pay for being more sustainable. And don’t let the bright red color fool you — our bags are tinted with vegetable dye.

Bonus: our bags also take up less space than boxes — what used to fill 12 trucks now fits on one! This translates to over four tons of reduced shipping weight a month. That adds up to around 50 tons annually, equal to 25 African elephants.

Composting Is Easy as 1, 2, 3 

Here’s how you can do your part to eliminate waste:

  1. Cut off the mailing label with scissors to remove it from your Trade bag.
  2. Add the bag and coffee grounds to your compost bin. Or, you can bring them to a drop-off location, like your local farmers market.
  3. Moisten and turn your compost in your bin until it becomes rich soil.

Keep in mind, many of our roasters’ bags are also compostable. Find out which ones are and how to properly compost them, here.

What’s Next?

We’re just getting started! We know that this is just our small part and we’re always seeing what else we can do.

To learn more about sustainability in coffee and Trade’s efforts, read more here: